The Newtonian Telescope Design Planner uses "JavaScript" to perform the mathematical calculations; therefore, your browser must be "JavaScript" compatible and enabled. Two versions of the planner have been developed - one for Netscape and one for Internet Explorer. These have been satisfactorily tested with Netscape 4.04 and Internet Explorer 4.01 and should be upward compatible with later versions. Complete compatibility with earlier versions of either browser is suspect.

The "Design Planner" page and JavaScript code will take a few seconds to completely load. After clicking a link below, wait until numbers appear in the data fields before beginning to enter your own parameters.

INTERNET EXPLORER version of the Telescope Design Planner
Internet Explorer 4.01+
NETSCAPE version of the Telescope Design Planner
Netscape 4.04+
If your browser IS NOT Netscape or I.E. but you know your browser IS JavaScript functional, try each link and see if either will function correctly. If neither version will work for you, please E-mail me with your browser details/version and I will try to adapt a compatible version for you.

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A Treatice on Newtonian Collimation by Scott McCluney: A Treatise on Newtonian Collimation
by Scott McCluney
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