CATSEYE System Introduction
CATSEYE Introduction
Collimation System!
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100% Hand-crafted Tools Insuring Quality & Precision!
The CATSEYETM collimation system and precision products provide cutting-edge passive-tool collimation technology for the Newtonian Observer. High-resolution, bright image queues and ease of use are the hallmarks of this uniquely engineered set of collimation tools for fast and easy alignment of scope optics DAY or NIGHT!

2 inch CATSEYE 'XLXP' Collimation Tools 1.25 inch CATSEYE Cheshire 2 inch CATSEYE Cheshire in action 2 inch CATSEYE Autocollimator in action
New CATSEYE INFINTIY XLK Autocollimator HotSpot on 6 inch Mirror BLACKCAT XL-A Cheshire & HotSpot INFINITY XLK & HotSpot
The CATSEYETM passive collimation tools and mirror-spotting accessories will quickly make you an expert in precision collimation allowing you to consistently get the maximum performance from your scope in the field.

Although completely functional for daylight optical adjustments, this Newtonian Telescope Collimation system is specifically engineered for use IN THE DARK! - When you need it the most.

The CATSEYETM family of collimation tools & accessories continues to grow! From the the novel front-surface .965" & 1.25" Cheshires that CATSEYETM designed and introduced in 1997, to the next-generation "XL" 3-set suite of 2" tools, to the 2-pupil "XLK" autocollimator, the new "XLKP" autocollimator is yet another step forward in our passion to continually improve our products to provide state-of-the-art collimation tools to the amateur astronomer who strives for maximum-performance from their Newtonian scope.

Mike Sidonio's CATSEYE Collimation Sequence Pictorial
Click Aussie astrophotographer Mike Sidonio to the left to see his collimation step sequence pictorial using CATSEYETM Tools to tune his new 12" ASA Astrograph..
... 02/21/09 - Many thanks to Mike for his continued sharing of his excellent tutorial pic-sequence gallery.

Observing Chairs!
CATSPERCHTM Observing Chairs have become the Hobby "Standard" recognized world-wide for quality and performance!

These hand-crafted solid oak chairs are engineered for comfort and convenience and are unique with their integral step/footrest accessory which permits easy step-up and foot-rest support at upper seat settings.

The complete line of CATSPERCHTM products is available from plans, to solid oak kits and finished chairs handcrafted by my associate Ron Burrows of ....