Craig & Aaron Golema Acworth, Georgia 4/12/2013 "Just a quick note to let you know our Catsperch Pro kit arrived yesterday in perfect condition. My son, Aaron, and I spent the evening assembling it. Saying we're blown away with the quality of the kit and it's ease of assembly is an understatement! As an engineer, I can completely appreciate the design and workmanship. As amateur astronomers, we can't wait to put it use - it will allow us both to enjoy the heavens foregoing sore feet, backs and trying to compromise a comfortable position given our great height differences. We're planning on staining the chair this weekend with a light cherry and Spar Urethane finish... This piece of furniture was worth every penny. Cheers and Best, Craig and Aaron"
Patrick Wayne Peralta, New Mexico 9/25/2010 "Just wanted to reiterate the fact that I love this chair. I was finally able to use it last night and at first, I didn't think I would like carrying it around outside. But, it's so lightweight that I didn't notice (I think your estimate of 20 lbs. is too high, it's more like 14 or 15 lbs., no more). The versatility to sit either really high, or really low is amazing and one of the best features of the Cat's Perch Pro. It's also a very stable and solid chair, which isn't surprising, given that it's made of oak. This is a wonderful product; an accessory every amateur astronomer should own. Another surprising feature is the seat cushion. I wasn't very keen on paying $76 for it, but I'm damn sure glad I did. It's so comfortable and has made a huge difference; worth every cent. Thanks again Ron and Jim, I'll be sending some customers your way very soon."
Jenny Price North Hills, California 1/20/10 "Hi Ron & Jim, I just wanted to let you know that our Catsperch Summit arrived today and it is BEAUTIFUL. We are so pleased with how it all turned out. Ironically it arrives as we are in the middle of our wettest January in five years - so much for trying it outside for now, but we both climbed up on it in the living room, and it is great. Iím so pleased that I decided to get this for my husband for Christmas. Canít wait to try it in the field!" Thanks so much! Jenny Price (and family)
Karl Perkins Dallas, Texas 3/5/06 "Hello Jim, My collimation tools were delivered on Tuesday, 2/28/06 and I received my chair from Ron on Friday, 3/2/06. I have used both the tools and the chair and they are both of outstanding quality. You and Ron are to be commended on your fine products and excellent service, and please list me as a very satisfied customer. Thanks again!"
Greg Comegys Grand Rapids, Michigan 1/20/06 "Hi Jim - I purchased plans from you for the CatsPerch Pro just before Christmas, and got them in time to use during the holiday break (thanks for your quick response). The plans were thorough and saved me hours, I'm sure. I used dowels for most of the assembly, and took the liberty to lighten it a bit. Thoroughly enjoyed building it....." Greg Comegys' custom CATSPERCH PRO(TM)
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Sam Brandt Malvern, Pennsylvania 5/7/05 "I received the plans. They are beautifully and professionally done, and exceed my expectations. thanks.. "
Rick Rashman Barrington, Illinois 1/28/05 "I just completed the Cats Perch Pro from your Plans and Hardware. It Looks Great! Actually I have one more coat of Minwax to go... I ordered the plans, templates, and hardware kit from you and bought the wood from LOWES DIY, followed your very detailed and thorough instructions. Not being a woodworker or having most of the tools, I had to purchase some of them, but it was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience!"
Teri Denson Camarillo, California 3/22/04 "I used my new chair for the first time this weekend. It went together perfectly and I finished it with 4 coats of varathane and added a wooden star "motif" for decoration on the top of the seat back ... The chair is just gorgeous and elicited many "ohs and ahs" from my observing buddies. I purchased one of those Microcore inserts on the Internet and am going to make a quilted seat cover to slide it into for cold nights but haven't gotten around to that yet. The chairís "first dark" consisted of watching the double transit of Io and Ganymede across the face of Jupiter on Saturday night - an appropriately dramatic event for an awesome chair. It was the first time I ever just relaxed and tracked a transit in complete comfort with the scope (15" Obsession) almost at zenith. WOW! Definitely worth the 18 month wait for the kit! ... ... Thank you for such a magnificent addition to my observing gear. It will also be perfect if I ever attend the Rose Parade again since I can set up behind the first few rows of people and be quite comfy. 3/24/04 "I have no experience with "woodworking" and was just blown away at how easily everything went together and how perfectly all the pieces fit. Nothing needed to be re-drilled or re-aligned and the directions were complete and easy to follow."
Pedro Carrillo Largo, Florida 3/22/04 "I just wanted to thank you for making the plans available. I have to admit at first I thought that I got into something to complicated for my skills. This was my first wood working project and your plans, templates and directions made it pretty straight forward."
John Siers Oakland, Tennessee 3/2/04 "Just finished building my Catís Perch chair from the plans and hardware kit you sent me - itís beautiful, seems very stable, and will get lots of use. Your plans were great and easy to follow. Also, thanks for giving me an excuse to go out and buy a DeWalt Biscuit Jointer (I am building up my woodworking shop, and it is a really slick tool). I am one of those astronomers who still likes the old German-style equatorial mount, and of course that means large variations in eyepiece viewing height, depending on what part of the sky I'm looking at. I'm sure the Catís Perch will be a really useful accessory, and am just waiting for the next clear night for a field test."
Philip Reed Blacksburg, Virginia 1/27/04 "I have completed building my Catsperch-Pro chair from the plans and hardware that I ordered in November. It is ready for staining and it has turned out beautifully. Your plans, including the top-assembly drawing, the templates and the detailed instructions were excellent. It was amazing how you matched the templates to stock sizes of oak lumber available at Lowes. The project provided me a learning opportunity in woodworking and my first exposure to biscuit joining (yes, I bought a biscuit joiner) and to Forstner drill bits. I came to appreciate how much time is involved in building one of these chairs when starting from scratch with only plans and stock lumber... I must say that now the chair is completely assembled, I look at it with a real sense of pride - more so I'm sure than I would have, had I started with the kit. Thanks for such a fine, clean design and such well-done instructions."
Rich Dolbow King of Prussia, PA 1/10/04 "I got a chance in December to build my CATSPERCH chair. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the kit you made. I have put together many furniture kits, from companies such as Bartley and Cohasset Colonials, and your kit exceeds all of theirs. The wood you provided was flawless and prepared beautifully. I had very little sanding to do to prep it for its finish (I went for a medium brown fumed oak look). The packaging of the kit was impressive too. No wasted space, no wasted packaging, yet everything was protected. Thanks again for the fine kit. It was definitely worth the wait!"
Randall Morton Memphis, Tennessee 9/6/03 "I know I got a little tired of waiting but your chair was worth waiting on. The quality of the chair exceeds my expectations. I almost hate to use it, I don't want to mess it up. You are truly an artist with wood. I understand now why the wait is so long."
Jeb Blackwell Houston, Texas 4/19/03 "Just wanted to share a picture of the finished kit. Your instructions and attention to the smallest details were excellent! I really enjoyed building the kit. I can't wait to fully test it at the TSP. I know it will draw much interest. Will report back after TSP." Jeb Blackwell's' CATSPERCH PRO(TM)
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Patrick W. Hendersonville, Tennessee 4/4/03 "Well it was worth the wait. I've finished my CATSPERCH and it is everything you promised. Now if the sky would clear I'd be a happy man."
Harvey Gryttenholm Waverly, New York 3/29/03 "It was quite a wait, but as is usually the case when you're getting a really top quality astronomy related item, it was definitely well worth waiting for. The quality and workmanship are superb, as was expected, but the functionality is just as impressive as the appearance. This will make my nights a lot more comfortable and I believe my grand kids will be saying the same thing about it someday.... I think it's a fabulous chair and would recommend one to anyone."
Jim Phillips Charleston, South Carolina 12/3/02 "WOW! And I do mean Wow! I cannot tell you how impressed with this observing chair I am. It is a magnificent piece of workmanship. I truly love nice woodwork and this chair is superbly made. You've done a great job! Thank you very much! I truly appreciate it. It's going to be a real pleasure using it. Wonderful! Thanks again!" 12/16/02 "... It worked beautifully. One of the best Low seats I have ever used. I did have to get up pretty high on it to check out Jupiter as soon as it cleared the trees. The chair not only Looks beautiful (Which it is!) it functions excellently as well. ... when I saw the chair without the seat it looked too beautiful to cover up. I like your work! Very nice. ... I must say the chair is wonderful. I was also impressed with how I can actually climb up on it using the foot rest. After a while I have started finding comfortable positions using the feet." 12/17/02 " ...I tested your chair as low as I could get it and it was comfortable at its lowest heights. I tried it with the footrest in place, with the footrest off and the chair at about 7" and I even moved the footrest and seat up as high as they can go and tried it sitting flat on the rug using the backrest for support! ... it was comfortable as just a backrest sitting flat on the floor! What was amazing to me is how at the lowest levels, leaning back in the chair with feet on the floor, you are Very comfortable. I am very very pleased. It's a great chair and it's beautiful also. I am happy I have another one coming!! Thanks for making such a wonderful chair." 1/15/03 "It's very exciting to think I'll have two of these magnificent chairs soon. As I have said, they are wonderful from a functional standpoint but are also beautiful as well. Great Craftsmanship. Thanks very much!" 1/24/03> "Well, I'm very excited about the chair. I'll let you know when it arrives. I will probably keep it here with my 9" but I'm not sure. I could probably use a third! Yikes. Anyway, it's been a pleasure dealing with you. As I said, and truly believe, you make a first class product which is not only functional but a work of art as well! Superb craftsmanship!" 2/3/03 "... I unpacked the new CATSPERCH and it fit together perfectly. The new cloth seat is a Bonus. I like it very much. Excellent idea. Your chair is just superb. I cannot thank you enough. Thanks for the hard work, thanks for the craftsmanship, thanks for everything!" Jim Phillips' CATSPERCH Front View Jim Phillips' CATSPERCH Side View Jim Phillips' CATSPERCH Rear View Closeup
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Pete Roebber Atascadero, California 5/24/02 "I'm very pleased with what I've seen so far. The wood is all prime stuff. The workmanship is top notch. The chair was packaged extremely well: you've really got that down to a science! I ran through the parts list and everything was included in my shipment... I began assembly right away. I got the back leg component screwed and glued. Everything fit together extremely well. You seem to be able to build to very tight tolerances. I'm impressed, and that's not easy to do! I look forward to spending the long weekend completing assembly and finishing my chair. Thank you again for making such an excellent product and for working with me to customize your design."
George J. Klarmann, Ph.D. Frederick, Maryland 12/31/01 "My CATSPERCH kit arrived on Friday. I've put most of it together and I'm in the process of finishing it now. It looks great and the directions were very thorough. Thanks."
Shannon Hendrickson Portland, Oregon 9/18/01 "I finally had a chance to put the chair together this weekend - it was probably the most enjoyable assembly experience I've ever had. Your instructions were concise, well-ordered, and easy to follow (the drawings are fantastic), and I really appreciated that each part was labeled with name and orientation - also the color-coded stickers on the dowels were a nice touch. I still have to go buy some helmsman spar so I can use it outside - for now it's my sewing chair! ..."
Phil Wowak Macungie, Pennsylvania 8/25/01 "Just completed the chair and it's ready for the stain. Everything came out just fine. The quality and workmanship of your kit is excellent."
Arpad Kovacsy Fairfax, Virginia 6/4/01 "I wanted to thank you for a great product. My CATSPERCH chair arrived in perfect condition (even the packaging was first class) and I am enjoying its many conveniences. The quality of workmanship and the pride you take in your work is clearly evident. Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful and useful product."
Jim Foy Andover, Massachusetts 4/27/01 "The CATSPERCH arrived Wednesday. Wow, the craftsmanship is incredible. I spent about one hour putting it together and am in the process of sanding and finishing it. It was easy to put together and the instructions are well thought out. I plan to use it Saturday for an Astronomy Day Star Party. I look forward to years of use. Thanxs!!"
Paul Whitney Cinnaminson, New Jersey 1/16/01 "Just thought I'd let you know that I finished my CATSPERCH last weekend. The instructions were great and I had no trouble putting it together ..." Paul Whitney's CATSPERCH
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Sam Cosgrove Palm Harbor, Florida 9/3/00 "... All parts are here and what a wonderful job you've done. Everything is so detailed and the wood looks and feels marvelous. 10/11/00 "Today I just completed the final leg assembly. This after taking my time and putting 5-6 coats of Minwax Clear Outdoor on (over the last month and a half). The kit was fun to build and everything was cut perfectly. It looks beautiful and my 7 year old daughter and I each tried out the chair. She gave it her approval. I'm 6 feet tall & 220 lbs. and sitting in the upper CATSPERCH seat I can comfortably, safely and easily view into an eyepiece at 78 inches high. AMAZING!"
Glenn Thureson Renton, Washington 8/25/00 "What a beautiful kit! I had read people's comments, but seeing is believing. It should go together very quickly, because you have taken care of the judgment part: "Let's see, should I drill here or over that way a bit?" I know people have built such things from scratch, but you have also taken care of the experimental stuff such as "Should this piece be 3/8" or 1/2" thick?". Definitely worth the wait!" 9/6/00 "The CatsPerch worked fine at the Oregon Star Party. It drew many admiring glances."
Kevin Busarow Jamestown, Ohio 7/3/00 "... I received the kit, and put it together that same night. Wow - this is without a doubt the highest quality kit (of any kind) I've ever seen. Each piece was precise to within a couple of thousandths - which is not something I'd expect on something made of wood. I still need to sand and finish it. I plan on using a cherry stain and I expect it will be a beautiful piece when finished- maybe too nice to haul outside ;) It was worth the wait!" Kevin Busarow's 'Cherry-Stained' CATSPERCH Home Page
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Rick Paul Los Angeles, California 6/8/00 "Chair arrived yesterday, safe and sound. All I can say is WOW. What beautiful wood and craftsmanship! My Mom was visiting yesterday when I unpacked. She made at gasp at the beautiful wood!" 6/12/00 "Instructions were detailed and easy to follow. Labeling on all the parts made assembly foolproof. Quality of the wood, hardware, and workmanship exceeded my expectations."
Robin Woods Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada 5/31/00 "I finally got time to assemble my chair. It was quick and easy. Overall I guess about four days, mostly waiting for the urethane to dry. My only comment would be that persons, like myself, who are not that handy might do better to leave the back leg system until they have assembled the main notched back, seat and footrest. I did not get the ends quite square and the back leg rubs a little when it folds up - though a touch e seat height adjusts easily and the foot rest is handy for getting on board when the seat is high. And the chair looks good!"
Eckart Fuchs Norway 4/26/00 "The chair looks really good; I like it! My wife says she might want to use it in the kitchen during the day time! The assembly tips and labels are really perfect; it`s not often you buy a kit so easy to assemble."
Wayne Gondella Pittsburg, PA 2/12/00 "Everything checked out fine. Craftsmanship and attention to detail exemplary... The chair is more than functional, more than adequate: it is a work of art--- real Art Deco stuff!! Definitely worth the wait. Upholstery excellent. First-rate materials throughout! Damn it, it's beautiful, Jim! Will stain with some Golden Oak to bring out grain, then polyurethane it. Seat cushion blue nice color match to tube of Questar Seven. Thanks for everything--- real nice doing business with you."
Steve Williams Rockford, IL 12/7/99 "I'm very pleased with the CATSPERCH chair kit. The chair design is very solid and well thought-out. I was very impressed with your assembly instructions, and the high level of detail you went though to make sure anyone could put it together. There were no physical defects in the wood, and all the pieces aligned up perfectly. I'm finishing the chair in two steps, two coats of interior stain/polyurethane (polyshades) followed by two coats of the Helmsman polyurethane (spray can version)..." "...The whole thing went together extremely quickly, a tribute to your instructions. I thought the color coded dots were an excellent visual tool for getting the correct ends lined up..." 12/16/99 "Attached are three photos of my finished CatsPerch chair. It's working great so far, though I think I'll throw some close cell foam over the seat for winter!" Steve Williams' CATSPERCH Side View Steve Williams' CATSPERCH Rear View Steve Williams' CATSPERCH Front View
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Pieter Vlieghe Belgium 10/20/99 " really looks and is wonderfully crafted!! No doubt it's worth the wait. In fact it's that beautiful that I am thinking to let it stay in the living room ;-)" 10/21/99 "I am really proud to be the "first" European to own one... Thanks again for making me the "Mercedes" of observing chairs, I am very happy to have one."
George Cooper College Place, WA 9/6/99 "I'm very pleased with the chair, it's everything I expected and more...workmanship is superb." 9/14/99 "Last week I attended the Oregon Star Party, received many inquiries regarding the Cat's Perch, people were impressed by the stability and comfort."
Joe Berkovitz Easchester, NY 9/23/99 "I got the chair and I love it, you are one hell of a craftsman, it was worth the wait."
Ben Motta Spring, TX 8/19/99 "The chair arrived about an hour ago. It was well worth the wait. The chair is excellent and is well made. I tried it out and it holds me up just fine. It should last a lifetime at least. My daughter, who is 22 yrs. and also likes to observe the night sky with me, also tried the chair out and it looks like I'm going to have to fight with her to use the chair. She loves it. I can't get her off it. Thanks much for a great chair. You can use me as an endorsement if you like, It is really a great observing chair."
Wade Holguin Chandler, AZ 5/4/99 "Jim, received everything ok and already started to put the chair together. What fine craftsmanship. I will enjoy this chair for years."
David Bixby Missoula, MT 1/19/99 "I received the chair kit last week and assembled and sanded it over the weekend. I am extremely impressed with the quality of the kit. As I assembled the chair it was apparent how much thought you put into the design.... ... Thanks for such a great product at a reasonable price. I'll certainly be talking up my new chair during the adult ed. astronomy course I will be teaching this February."
Joe Marusak Harmony, NC 10/20/98 "My CATSPERCH kit arrived just as you said it would (WED) and I must say thus far I'm really impressed. Excellent packaging, good material, good workmanship. All parts here and I'm ready to start assembly. Took the instructions to work with me last night and read them fully. Well done effort there also, their "idiot proof", assembly will be pure pleasure. Biscuit joints, screwed and glued but joints, wow I must be dreaming! ... I'll get back with you after assembly and final finishing and let you know how it comes out." 11/9/98 "The chair is great!! Easy to assemble, finished beautifully, and yes, supports a big person well! Great design, top of the line materials. You've got a winner here..."
Michael Powers Portland, OR 9/18/98 "chair arrived on Wednesday, put together in about 2 hours. glue dried overnight and it assembled today in about 15 minutes. will have to put the final finishing touches on next week when I get back from the star party in the steens mountains in south east Oregon, 7000 feet, very very dark. Thanks again for your prompt shipment and for the well organized kit to assemble." 9/24/98 "I have a Celestron 9.25 ultima sct. The chair worked great. I used dense foam for a cushion. I used the very lowest position when looking at the zenith and at mid level when looking near the horizon. I stand 6 feet 2 inches. The chair adjusted very nicely and I was quite secure."
Aaron Michael Cohen Beaverton, OR 9/23/98 "Built the chair last week and urethaned it this weekend. It went together without a problem and looks great! I have only had a one brief session in which use it. I can definitely concentrate on seeing details in the sky verses having a sore back. I think that my 4 1/4" Dob is a little short (~1 ft) for the chair, it's often tough to get my knees under the scope tube. I've been using it with the chair facing mainly forward and turning to the side to look into the eyepiece. The 8" that I am building is about 1 1/2 feet at horizontal and should be a good match to the chair. I'll give you more feedback as the time goes on. Thanks for a great kit."
Scott Berfield Hayward, CA 7/1/98 "I got it last week. The 3rd coat of varnish is drying in the garage as I type. The fit of the parts was excellent and I am very pleased with the chair. Now if the clouds will go away, I can try it out!"
Charlie Kerekes Middletown, NJ 6/30/98 "Attached are two photos of my completed chair (front and back view). Looks great. The quality of materials was outstanding. The design is very good and was easy to put together. Its obvious to me that you put a lot of time and effort into this. The chair should last a lifetime. I tried it in various seat positions and you're right its very stable. This should make my viewing times much more enjoyable. I especially like the foot rest. None of the commercial units I looked at had that feature. For the price I paid and even with your new higher price its a great value. I'm just happy that in one of my surfing sessions I happened to come upon it in the New Products section in AstroMall, I think. There are no weaknesses that I could determine and as an engineer I'm always looking at ways to improve on stuff. Having labels on all the parts was a real time saver." Charlie Kereke's CATSPERCH Front View Charlie Kereke's CATSPERCH Rear View
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