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New BCXLV-WIFI Cheshire for Smart Phones New BCXLV-WIFI Cheshire for Smart Phones w/Android Screen Display
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*** Attention Android Users: Camera connectivity issues using Android Firmware Version 12 has been reported. Do not order this product if your device is operating with version 12 or later.

*** Attention Apple Users: As of 7/26/22, Apple has removed the "CP58" camera viewing app from their app store. I know of no other alternative Apple app to interface with this camera. Unless you already have the "CP58" app installed on your Apple device, DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!

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At long last, after years of waiting for the right camera to be developed and become commercially available, CATSEYETM Collimation is excited and pleased to present a limited-production of an evolutionary state-of-the art Cheshire product to its Newtonian collimation tool arsenal:
The long-overdue wireless BCXLV-WIFITM WIFI Camera Cheshire with phone app display is now a reality!
With the use of this CATSEYETM exclusive tool, the age-old complaint and time-consuming hassle of requiring multiple trips to and from the back of the scope during the Primary tilt adjustment process has been resolved. The proverbial “Trial & error” incremental knob-tweak is no longer needed.

Using this tool, adjusting the Primary is now a quick & easy, 1-man, “once-&-done” Process!

This next-generation Cheshire tool utilizes a small telescopic WIFI camera inserted into the classic BLACKCAT XL-ATM Cheshire. Now, the Primary mirror axial-alignment adjustment process is painless and fun as you stand at the rear of the scope and observe the Cheshire ring/center spot reflections directly on your smart phone as you tweak the Primary tilt adjustment screws.

The camera’s built-in WIFI transmitter employs a device-unique ID signal to your personal I-phone or Android via the downloadable app, and comes with a USB charging cable to refresh its internal battery off-line prior to use. The adjustable, telescopic lens facilitates fine-tuning focus to deliver a magnified clear image of the center-spot and Cheshire ring reflection at any focal-length.
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