This prelude to a total eclipse on May 15, 2003 was shot with a digital camera through the eyepiece at 69x. (Click Image to view big photo - 85k)
Lunar Eclipse (JPG-13K)
The 6 day-old, 1st quarter moon was shot using 2x Barlow projection on 35mm Fuji 400 Super G Plus film at 1/125".
(Click Image to view big "upright" photo - 42k)
JUPITER (JPG-3k) This picture of Jupiter was taken using Eyepiece Projection by stacking a 7.8mm Plössl on a 2x Barlow. While tracking with the Dob Driver II in "Guide" mode, the exposure was 8 seconds using Fuji 200 Super G film.
Jupiter's 4 Galielean moons. 2x Barlow projection with Fuji 200 Super G for 8 seconds. JUPITER & MOONS (JPG-2k)
SATURN (JPG-2k) Saturn's shadow can be seen on the ring. Eyepiece projection using a 12mm Plössl over a 2x Barlow, 4 seconds exposure, Fuji 200 Super G film.